what we do

As design studio we envision and prototype desired futures at the intersection of human values, businesses and technology.
In close cooperation with clients and stakeholders we develope innovative, human-centred solutions and bring them to life within their specific field of constraints.

our approach
Design Thinking  - Developing from within

Design thinking is a process oriented, collaborative approach to produce innovative solutions to challenges of all kinds. It originally draws on methods from engineering and design, combining them with ideas from the arts, tools from the social sciences, and insights from the business world, rendering means to bring closely together opposing demands from vastly different fields.

When innovating on a product or service a design thinking process sets off by looking at the principles and values by which people navigate our world in order to find out what really matters in their everyday lives. Facilitating the creation of empathic insights into project relevant fields it helps to conceive what people might expect or desire from the service and product in question.

Providing various roadmaps and tools for building up ideas and solutions around these insights the application of design thinking ensures that the created systems finally do meet closely with the needs and values of the intended users.

Steps that take us to the goal

The process of design thinking can be thought of as an iterative process within three spheres:

  • questing: getting to understand the context - identifying the problem
  • testing: envisioning solutions - prototyping under immediate feedback
  • implementing: fabrication and integration into peoples lives

      When iterating this process in order to develop a final solution we constantly review our ideas and designs in order to adapt them to variable project parameters and lessons learned.
      Keeping an eye on our customers´ and stakeholders´ requirements we are reaching for one goal:
      Appropriate, functional and tangible solutions that really serve and support them in their everyday lives and businesses.


our working credo

Striving after opportunities to enhance encountered environments, we invent and develop products and services that improve people´s lives and businesses deeply.
Our credo is simple:

  • assume good faith.
  • bring people together.
  • communicate.
  • prototype ideas.
  • be positive.
  • make stuff happen!

creating environments that matter

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